From the world of dream and imagination, Frank and Pank lives there. Sometimes in a friendly relationship, but sometimes they like to compete with each other. So, let’s explore their frankinpunkin world.




Frank and pank project is play-to-earn game live on ethereum blockchain. This is the first phase of the project and it will be just 1111 NFT utilities. Each one will give unique membership features like grant access to DAO community, tokens airdrops, NFT giveaway and more.


Our vision & utility


Unique , exclusive and utility is the standard we follow. With this first collection of our project, we try to build a core for the entire project. The benefit and utility is to hold one of Frank and Pank's NFTs.
unique: This collection will be just 1111 NFT. Each one drawn completely by hand without any use of an art generator. Therefore, there are no common in the collection.
exclusive: The utility that comes within this collection won't be repeated anymore, and it will continue forever.


Grant access to special DAO community

tokens airdrops

NFT giveaway

permanent spot on white lists for all upcoming NFT

special events

road map

Phase one - Introduction

1.Publish our website .

2.Open our twitter and discord accounts .

Phase two - The journey began

1.Launch genesis Frank&Pank collection of 1111 NFT .

2.First DAO community for alpha holders .

Phase two - The journey began

Phase three - Utility

1.Launch second collection of 14K NFT . [ all the alpha holders will get 1 free NFT for each genesis F&P in their wallet ]

2.second DAO community for all holders . [ 20% of the sales will belong to 2nd DAO community and 30% of royality will belong to first DAO community ]

3.Give away FPW$ token for all alpha holders and for whitelisted one .

Phase four - let's rock

1.Release WORLD OF FRANK AND PANK game in special event .

2.Launch exclusive NFT dashboard for project .

Phase four - let's rock





September 3rd 2022

On ethereum.

In first phase it will be just 1111 NFT . And in second round 14K NFT .

The utilities are : _ Grant access to special DAO community . _ Tokens airdrops . _ NFT giveaway . _Permanent spot on white lists for all upcoming NFT. _Special events.

It will be ready in the first quarter of 2023 .

In presale 0.12 ETH and for WL 0.08 ETH